Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's Going On in Washington?

I was watching Morning Joe this morning and had very mixed feelings about the discussion.  On the one hand, I was pleased to hear the panel agreeing that our politicians are acting irresponsible by approving this most recent “stimulus package”.  Both democrats and republicans continue to pile on the debt and spend widely.  Let’s lay this out.  The country voted decisively to send a message to the republicans after 8 years of Chaney, they voted Obama into office.  I personally think it was Obama rather than Clinton because they didn’t want the monarchy of Bush/Clinton to continue.  I also believe, not because they “wanted” Obama, but rather because they “didn’t want” any more spending from our “conservative” party.  Enter stage left, Obama gets in, on a platform of “change” and spends four times as much as the party who was “just” voted out for overspending!!!  On top of that, he blames the party who overspent for his need to… spend some more!  Now, at the midterm elections, the general public sends the democrats a very clear message that we are tired of the over-spending and oust most of them.  All the republicans ran on a platform of cutting spending and lowering taxes.  So what is the very first things they do with their new found power… tack on another “TRILLION DOLLARS”!
What the hell is going on in this country?  Isn’t anyone else scared to death of this debt?  Have we learned nothing?  Who in this country doesn’t understand, if you constantly spend more than you make… you are going to go broke.  How long do people in Washington think they can do this?  Why isn’t everyone in this country taking their last credit card and putting gas in their cars to drive to Washington to stand outside the Congress of the United States to say “What the hell?”  I actually heard a political analyst say yesterday, “We can’t get out of this financial problem by “just” cutting expenses, we will have to raise taxes eventually.”  Seriously?  We “can’t” get out by lowing spending?  Does anyone on the planet believe that?  Let’s see, I’m no actuary, but I’m pretty sure if I owe someone a ton of money and I stop spending everything I make, eventually I’ll be able to pay back what I owe them.  Am I the only one who sees the insanity of this?  We will end up like Greece or Ireland eventually… this gravy train can’t last forever.
We have become a fat, lazy, spoiled country.  People with 200,000.00 household incomes spending every dime they make and feeling like they are “middle class”.  We (and I’m part of this group) drive around in our gas guzzling 4X4 vehicles, live in our 3000 sq./ft. homes and vacation around the globe the whole time bitching up a storm about how tuff we have it.  Well, I might be driving a 4X4, but I certainly appreciate what I have and what this great country has afforded me and my family.  I truly respect those who have fought and are currently fighting for our freedoms.  I have a genuine concern for the future of our great democracy and I sincerely feel the bulk of our third generation, Ivy League, silver spoon, lawyer politicians are as out of touch with reality as the leaders of wall street were when they invented the sub-prime mortgage backed securities which led us into the financial crisis we face today.
We have to take steps to change the way this is being dealt with.  I don’t have all the answers and I could be wrong, but I know we can’t allow our politicians to continue to try and spend our way out of debt.  It simply won’t work.

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